Becoming MORE

in 2024


Virtual Vision Board Party

with Meshell Baker

Chief Confidence Igniter

January 13, 2024

12pm - 2pm CST

Time to BEcome your favorite person!

Create a vision board and daily reminder of what you want and begin manifesting your BIG Dreams!

NOW is the time to create the most excellent

version of your grandest vision.

The only way to live big is first to DREAM BIG!

The Vision Board Party is an interactive, hands-on activity meant to inspire, empower, enlighten and motivate you to manifest your dreams & goals with creative expression.

Why Join the BEcoming MORE in 2024 Virtual Vision Board Party?

🌟 Empower Your BIG Dreams

It's time to turn your biggest dreams into reality. Meshell's Vision Board Party is an immersive experience that empowers you to imagine and create the amazing life of your heart's desires and dreams!

🚀 Set Powerful Intentions

Step into 2024 with clear intentions. A vision board is your north star roadmap igniting your purpose, guiding you to set powerful intentions and stay on course throughout the year!

🌠 Harness the Law of Attraction

Research confirms that envisioning your goals significantly increases your chances of achieving them. A vision board harnesses the Law of Attraction to attract positivity, opportunities, and success!

What’s a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, words, and quotes on a board that serves as a visual representation of your dreams and aspirations. Often used to help maintain clarity and focus on your professional and personal life goals. It represents whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life.

Research has shown that you are much more likely to achieve an outcome if you can first envision (see with your mind) the results.

Key Benefits of the Vision Board Party

Clarity and Focus

Clarify your goals and aspirations to create a focused path for success.

Motivation and Inspiration

Stay motivated, inspired, and committed to your dreams all year long.

Positive Mindset and Visualization

Reinforce your belief in the possibility of your dreams, attracting positive energy into your life.

The Power of a Vision Board Guide

While you can create a vision board on your own, having a guide can enhance the effectiveness of the process and increase the likelihood of achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Expertise and Experience

A vision board guide brings experience in creating and using vision boards effectively.

Clarity and Focus

A guide helps you clarify your goals and create a vision board that accurately reflects your desires.

Creativity and Inspiration

A guide offers creative insights and inspiration to make your vision board more engaging.

Overcoming Obstacles

A guide can provide strategies for overcoming challenges
throughout the vision board creation process.

Chief Confidence Igniter

Meshell R Baker

Virtual Vision Board Host & Guide

Meshell Baker empowers business owners and sales leaders around the globe to ignite confident belief and enable their people to develop high-performance resilience and unstoppable confidence. She is an amazing gift of clarity renowned for her value-based and no-nonsense approach that generates unprecedented results.

Meshell has phenomenal results, and accolades compiling an incredible track record of raving recommendations with clients, such as UPS, Wabtec, WPO, Dorman, Accenture, Salesforce, Dell, Women In Trucking, and more, over the past 20+ years.

Ready to BEcome MORE in 2024?

Join the BEcoming MORE in 2024 Virtual Vision Board Part for only $24.

Saturday, January 13, 2024 from 12pm to 2pm CT



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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Vision Board Party?

The Vision Board Party is virtual. We will meet over Zoom and you will create your vision in the comfort of your own home.

What should I bring to the party?

Because this is a virtual event, I thought a shopping list would be helpful to get you prepared for the day.

>> Magazines... LOTS of magazines. Look for magazines that support your dreams. (EXAMPLE: If you want to travel look for magazines that cater to exotic places or travel agency brochures.)

>> Download images if you cannot find them in magazines. Google is AWESOME!

>> A bunch of glue sticks. 3-4 per person

>> Lots of pairs of scissors and a pair of left-handed scissors for the lefties in your life.

>> One poster board or foam board per person (and maybe a few extras in case of mistakes).

>> Snacks and drinks to share. FUN gets more done so create an enjoyable environment.

>> Extra magazines. Have I made my point...:-)) You are creating the greatest version of your grandest vision!

I still have questions.

Email Meshell at

What is the process of creating a Vision Board?

The process of creating a Vision Board answers questions like:

>> If money were no object... What would you purchase?

>> If you had unlimited resources… Where would you live? Work? Travel?

>> If you were fearless and confident... What would you do?

>> If you could leave the world better… Who would you help?

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